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The ArtCard Experience

Choose a card that delights your soul, an original one of a kind piece of art. Not just handcrafted but individually hand painted.  Wrapped in hand painted artisan paper and tied up with the perfect companion piece of silk, twine, golden thread or who knows! A gift to treasure. You are giving the gift of an experience... of receiving. Savoring each detail, each moment in the unveiling. Not only does it say "I care". It says, "slow down, be here right now, feel how much goodness there is in the world".It says "you are deserving of this bit of beauty and gloriousness".  This little bit is just for you. 

Made with intention. Made to display and to treasure. 


How incredible it feels to share the energy and beauty of cards made with mindfulness and soul. This is the Art of Living.

The ArtCard Experience

Beyond sending a card, give an experience of beauty, delight and surprise. 

Created with all artisan grade materials including watercolor paper, acrylic paints, mixed media, ink handpainted papers, raw silk, twine, beads,

You will be gifting an original piece of art,

wrapped with handpainted artisan paper, tied to finish the presentation that both delights and intrigues. 

Talk about my process

What it brings you

A 5x7 card made of archival quality watercolor paper hand painted with acrylic paint. Inside is blank for your personal note of connection. Comes wrapped in mixed media hand painted artisan grade paper, a work of art in itself. Finished with a coordinating closure, like silk,velvet, twine or ribbon, completing the exquisite presentation.

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