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Char Taylor

Bringing Beauty, Presence, Inspiration and Soul to Life through Art, Cards and Experiences
About Me

My passion is creating a life well lived and loved. LIVING...with awareness. With radiance and joy. With beauty and soul. With appreciation. I am made to create, to connect, to be a bridge of discovery and understanding. Bringing people together, engaging in experiences of conscious creation and connection is my life's work. And also my joy!

I hope you find joy in what I bring. May it inspire you to notice the gorgeousness of life and to LIVE it. Live it with beauty, compassion, verve and soul. Live it with Presence.

A former bio-chemical engineer, a dedicated mother, a certified life coach, an artist, an avid traveler and lover of vast blue skies, I currently live in Cincinnati, OH, with a studio at Essex Studios in Walnut Hills.

Beyond a fine art card, you are giving the gift of an experience...that of truly receiving.


Savoring each detail, each moment is in the unveiling. Not only does it say "I care," it says, "slow down, be here right now. You are deserving of this bit of beauty and gloriousness."

The ArtCard Experience

marriage hat wreath
Comfort G
tossing joy
abstract acrylic painting titled Listening By Char Taylor

Fine Art

Acrylic painting, vine charcoal drawing, mixed media, collage, photography, mosaics, furniture: each modality an exploration and discovery of Life.


Sometimes funky, sometimes ethereal, but always exploring the experience of being human.  

Char's art brings you home to YES. 

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